This virtual version of Scrabble will challenge both newbies and verbal whizzes. The rules of Scrabble follow those of the classic board game, but if you've never played before, the game will explain things. You can practice your skills alone, or you can compete with human or computerized opponents. If you opt for the latter, you can choose the skill of your opponent from one of eight difficulty levels. In our tests, even the easiest AI player was very tough to beat, so less-experienced players may want to turn on the hints. Other features include the ability to play in windowed mode and adjust the volume of the music and sound effects. The game's graphics are surprisingly polished given its nature, though a longer trial period would be nice. Seasoned Scrabble fans are sure to find this program worth the download, though anyone looking for a mental test may find it engrossing.

Size :  10.97 MB

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