Uberstrike HD

       UberStrike is a free first-person shooter with over 5 million players and 300 weapons and gear. It is the first and largest FPS on Facebook and ranked #1 game in 99 Countries on the MAc App Store. Battle online with millions of players in 10 stunning environments. Harness the power of over 40 earthshaking weapons. Meticulously craft your character with precision engineered gear. Use your skill and strategy to join the ranks of the elite. "UberStrike [...] is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Playing much like commonly known games such as Quake, UberStrike brings the traditional online FPS to the world of social games in a huge way." - Games.com 300+ WEAPONS & GEARS: Customize your character and load out with over 9 million gear and weapon combinations.

Size  :  103.4 MB

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