Plants vs. Zombies

        We have yet to meet a game from PopCap that we didn't like, and Plants vs. Zombies is no exception. The premise doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but we don't care; like most other games from this publisher, it's addictively fun.

        The game contains the same high-quality graphics we've come to expect from PopCap. The object of the game is to protect your house from a zombie invasion using a variety of plants in your front yard. Each of the plants needs a certain amount of sunshine (or points) for you to be able to plant it, and users gain more sun by planting sunflowers. The most basic weapon in this garden arsenal is the pea shooter, which takes zombies down after repeated shootings. As users move through the game, they gain access to other plants that block, blow up, and otherwise incapacitate the steadily advancing zombies. The game also includes mini-games and puzzles to periodically switch things up a bit. Although there is no in-game help--the zombies wouldn't want you to be too prepared--the game does come with a Readme file that can be accessed if users really can't figure it out. We give this game high marks all around. It has attractive graphics and good sound effects and, although the premise is simple, it gets progressively more challenging and interesting.

Size  :  32.61 MB

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